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It seems obvious doesn't it – you have to have good health if you want greater longevity? Well, it's not so obvious, because many people don't appreciate what good health is, in its full extent. It's not all about the body firing on all cylinders.

Certainly, for maximum longevity, the body has to be in good condition, getting the energy and nutrients it needs, being properly exercised and maintained. There's much more though. Mental health and a positive attitude are essential, together with environment. You've probably heard that given two battlefield casualties with identical injuries, then the one with the most positive determination to survive is statistically much more likely to survive beyond his companion who has given up, mentally.

And what about a devoted couple in old age, when one partner dies? It's often the case that the other partner dies soon after. There's good reason for that, and maybe you know of such a case. 'I didn't want to go on without her', he said. Then he died. His body just 'stopped' from loss of a will to live, a damaged 'spirit'.

So, longevity health is not all about maintaining the body – the brain and spirit have to be maintained too.

Let's take mental health first. One in ten people suffer from a mental illness. Depression is quite common, and treatment often means taking drugs. There are some who would say 'never take drugs' – they are not natural to the body. They advocate using natural, alternative remedies, perhaps meditation, herbal re-balancing and so on. Some suffer from seasonal affective disorder – which is a mild depression cause by seasonal changes in sunlight levels. There are many non-drug based approaches to treating this, and winter sunshine holidays can be a great help, for example.

Depression is a debilitating condition, and it will affect the longevity health prospects of a sufferer. There may well be issues such as financial pressures or relationship problems which underlie this depressive situation. They need to be addressed positively, so that a person can get back on a positive track as soon as possible. Even certain foods can help too, as the body may be inefficient in producing a specific neurotransmitter, thereby affecting mood.

Then there's the 'spirit' – that is, one's attitude and nothing to do with religion – which can be affected by being surrounded by people with negative attitudes and cynical views of the world. The effect of that is debilitating too – both on colleagues, and partners. There are techniques for helping to develop a more positive attitude – accentuating the positive and eliminating the negative. Reciting a positive 'mantra' can be recommended; hypnosis may help too, including self-hypnosis.

Setting personal goals and keeping busy working towards those goals can help people – particularly those in later life who have lost partners. Have you noticed how people who are enjoying real longevity health are positive and active? It's no accident. They prepared themselves mentally for loss of their partner, had a hobby or two, and knew what they would do if their partner died first.

Finally, there is a vicious circle that needs to be avoided: Lack of exercise leads to a general laziness and eventual deterioration of the body, and slowing of the mind. Mind, body and spirit are inextricably linked and interdependent. Keeping active keeps up your life expectancy.

You cannot neglect one without affecting the others. So, longevity health is not just about nutrition – you have to feed and exercise the mind as well as the body, and foster a positive mental attitude. That way you will maximize your lifespan, and enjoy those extra years. 
Kasia Wojsiat is a respected chiropractor in nearby Los Gatos. She embraces using preventative medicine and natural products in her practice. Please send her an email if you have any questions pertaining to longevity and health.
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