Our Diet To Maximize Longevity Health
To maximize our lifespan, we need the best diet possible. It's no good living to a ripe old age if you are infirm and can't enjoy it. So, here we provide information to help you eat in a way that will maximize your longevity health. Living to a ripe old age, and enjoying it – that's what most people want.

There is contention about whether the best diet should contain animal products. Our view is that the diet should be balanced, and that requires fish, meat, eggs and dairy products in moderation and with regard to individual health status and medical advice. Consult your doctor before changing your eating habits or adopting a diet plan.

The daily calorie (energy) requirements of the human body vary, depending on gender, age and level of activity. On average, men need more than women, manual workers need more than office workers, people in cold climates need more than people in warm climates, and so on. It also varies with height and weight. So, it's too complex to handle right here for the individual.

As an average for discussion, we'll take 2,300 calories per day for an adult male, and 1,800 for an adult female. Now, how many calories do you think that there are in a Hershey Bar? According to the company, a 40 gram Chocolate Bar contains 210 calories, 13 grams of fat and 24 grams of sugar.

So, 9 bars provide the total daily calorie requirement for a female. 9 bars? That's a lot of chocolate you may say, and it is. But with a normal diet for this average female, just one bar adds 11% to her daily calorie intake. So, it's not hard to see why it's so easy to gain weight. Being overweight is lethal for longevity health.

The following principles apply for maximizing longevity:

» If you are overweight, you need to lose weight until you reach the recommended weight for your gender, height and age.
» Eating less than you eat now (with no change in activity) will reduce your weight.
» Exercising more than you do now, without eating more than you do now, will help reduce your weight.

Always consult your doctor before making changes to your diet and activity levels.

For longevity, a diet must have the following features, at least (assuming no pre-existing medical conditions):

» Provide for the body's basic needs – protein, fats, carbohydrate, trace elements, minerals and vitamins, water.
» Include the full range of food groups (unless vegetarian).
» Grains.
» Fruits.
» Vegetables.
» Fat free or low fat milk and milk products.
» Lean meats, poultry and fish.
» Nuts, seeds and legumes.

» Foods should be:
» Organic.
» Natural (i.e not factory processed) avoiding added fats and chemicals
» As fresh as possible.
» Prepared then eaten straight away.
» Prepared without the use of a microwave.
» Not overcooked.
» Well-chewed when eaten, to aid digestion.

» Liquids:
» Water should be natural, and filtered.
» Water is required for digestion and should be taken with food.
» May include a small amount of alcohol, preferably red wine, subject to medical advice. Please read our article on Longevity and Alcohol.

» Coffee:
» the evidence is mixed. One cup a day of fresh, weak coffee may be beneficial, if you must have it.
» A daily cup of green tea is beneficial.
» Avoid fast food, candy, ice cream.

Every individual is unique, but the above principles hold true, generally, for increasing your lifespan and enjoying longevity health.   
Kasia Wojsiat is a respected chiropractor in nearby Los Gatos. She embraces using preventative medicine and natural products in her practice. Please send her an email if you have any questions pertaining to longevity and health.
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