Privacy Policy respects the privacy of visitors to its website, the protection of their visit data and their individual data privacy, in accordance with the highest ethical standards and legal requirements.

Generally, visitors to our sites can browse and enjoy their experience without any need to identify themselves or disclose any personal information.
Once a visitor becomes a customer, and provides any information by which they can be individually identified, then that personal data will only be used to support their customer relationship with Longevity Health Secrets. Visitors to Longevity Health Secrets  Information We Collect

From visitors, our system records basic information about a user that includes the visitor's ISP domain, the time spent on our website, and any pages visited from within our web site. Occasionally, our site may use cookies. These are small items of information that our website may deposit in a designated file on a visitor's computer - they allow a web application (such as Longevity Health Secrets to personalize a visitor's user experience during a visit. For example, by recording and remembering information about individual likes and dislikes, Longevity Health Secrets can tailor its operation to suit a user's preferences. Our web server does not collect users' e-mail addresses or consolidate information on what other pages on the Web which a visitor may have accessed or visited.

Limited Use of Information

We collect information to assist us in analyzing web traffic, improve the content of Longevity Health Secrets and improve both performance and ease of use. Cookies may assist a customer's interaction. Typically, we may use a cookie on the landing page of products sold online which save the customer having to enter the same order data twice, and then forward that data to our internal sales and product warranty tracking databases.

Occasionally, we might disclose to third parties consolidated anonymous data about our web site's traffic profile. Typically, Internet advertising companies might request this data better to help us target advertisements on our website or our own advertisements on other web sites.

Please note that our Longevity Health Secrets provides links to products and services offered by other organizations and that another web site that you link to from OLongevity Health Secrets will be able to detect that you linked from OfflineFirst. This is quite normal behaviour.   Longevity Health Secrets: Signed Up Members Iinformation We Collect

When a visitor signs up for Longevity Health Secrets' services and therefore becomes a customer, they provide Longevity Health Secrets with both contact and payment details. This usually includes the customer's name, address, and telephone number. Payment details includes a credit card number which will be recorded by our third party secure and verified credit card payment processor.

Whilst a customer (member) of Longevity Health Secrets, we will manage information with regard to a customer's account status, service preferences and member logs which include transactions (for legal and financial audit purposes). We also store e-mail and other communications data associated with the transmission and delivery of communications, as required by law.

Limited Use of Information
  Longevity Health Secrets uses member contact information provided by the user (i.e. member) to configure and operate our service for the member. Payment information is used for payment processing operations only. We establish and maintain other data items such as member account status, service preferences, and member logs in our day-to-day operations of providing our service to members.
  Longevity Health Secretsmay share its member data with appropriate, chosen partners/third parties. Typically, this enables us to provide customers with information about products which might be relevant to a member's declared interests, or to enable them to consider specially selected partner programs. OfflineFirst may also use customer information to notify customers (i.e. members) about system diary events (such as planned site maintenance) or news about upgraded products or additional products/services.

We will not otherwise disclose member personal and/or account information unless we have good reason to believe that such disclosure is necessary to identify, contact or institute legal action against a person or organization who may be causing harm or interfering with the rights or property of Longevity Health Secrets, our members or others, or where Longevity Health Secrets is advised that the law requires such disclosure.

Longevity Health Secrets will not, except for the reasons stated below, disclose to third parties the details of any electronic mail or other electronic communications that OLongevity Health Secrets stores or transmits for, or on behalf of, its members. The circumstances under which Longevity Health Secrets will disclose such details are: » When it is a necessary part of providing our service to the member;
» As a requisite in order to protect the legitimate interests of Longevity Health Secrets and its member community;
  » When necessary to cooperate with legal processes such as warrants or interception orders that Longevity Health Secrets determines, at its sole discretion, to be valid and enforceable; and
» For the provision of information to a law enforcement agency when the contents are inadvertently obtained by Longevity Health Secrets and prima facie relate to the commission of a crime.

Terms of Use and Communications Privacy

Longevity Health Secrets has no intention or wish to censor, edit, review or engage in surveillance of electronic mail and communications stored on or transmitted through its systems and infrastructure by visitors, customers/members or others. Notwithstanding, Longevity Health Secrets reserves the right to review, delete, or block access to communications that may harm its business, its members or third parties. The basis on which Longevity Health Secrets may take such action includes, but is not limited to, violations of Longevity Health Secrets' Terms of Use (potential and/or actual).

Opt Out

At their discretion, members may opt out of receiving newsletters, notices of new product releases or product updates from Longevity Health Secrets by first sending a request to When making such a request, members must include their domain name and contact information.

Please note, however, that Longevity Health Secrets reserves the right to send bulletins and other information of importance to our user community regarding our services, at our discretion.  
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