Fast Food is Dangerous for Health
Obesity is the main (but not the only) side effect of fast food. Its effect on reducing life expectancy and lowering longevity health are essentially unchallenged. There have been numerous very public legal trials about the effects of fast food, which have thrown a sharp spotlight on the practices of the fast food industry – poor quality, multiple additives, allegedly addictive ingredients and the rest.

How do you like your burger? Good fresh beef properly prepared can be eaten rare in a burger. Can you get one like that in a fast-food restaurant? No way. They have to add chemicals to preserve it, then cook the life out of it and destroy its inherent goodness and flavour. Ok, so they add some artificial flavour. More chemicals. Extra fat too, to make it satisfying – and fat is cheaper than lean meat, right?

Which would you prefer?

That's the product. Now what about selling it? Catch 'em young, and keep 'em. That's their marketing proposition.

Almost one out of every three new toys given to American kids each year is from one of the leading fast-food restaurant chains. One child, captured as a loyal customer, calling in for a cheeseburger maybe three times a week for the next fifty years. That's a ton of beef, literally.

But it doesn't all pass through, and three visits become four a week, and then it's a double cheeseburger each time, with a 'go large' soft drink containing a ton of sugar. Oh, and just regular (used to be small) portion of fries on the side. And the salt -you've got to have that on the fries. The weight goes on steadily, but hey, everyone is 'overweight'. Obese is the new normal!

When the children are adults, they are not exactly thrilled when they the doctor tells them that they have cardiovascular disease or diabetes. It should come as no surprise, but by then, though, it's too late. Statistically, their longevity calculator is returning much lower numbers. They go on a diet and join a program. Fat fighters and weight watchers programs rarely work as they should, and everyone knows that prevention is better than cure. It's too late for the baby-boomer generation, and their kids, but we can start with today's kids. Now.

Children need not eat less, but they need to learn to eat differently, and parental example is essential. They also need to be shown how to handle peer pressure, to resist bigger portions, and cut down on visits to fast-food outlets. Give them better quality, tastier food at home; help them eat the right foods, in the right combinations and quantities, at the right times. Educate them.

Fast-food chains may now be starting to realise that there is a market in healthy food, but it's a difficult idea for them to swallow. To minimise wastage, they need to have preservatives in the food. To pay for 1.5 billion toys a year, they need to make the food as cheaply as possible if they are going to make a profit. It's a slow process of change though, and a few salad leaves and coleslaw portions isn't going to reverse the tide any day soon. Millions of Westerners are doomed to reduced life expectancy and low longevity health as a result of fast-food and the tons of chemicals and unnecessary fat they've eaten over the years. Overall, fast-food IS junk food. Let's save the next generations! 
Kasia Wojsiat is a respected chiropractor in nearby Los Gatos. She embraces using preventative medicine and natural products in her practice. Please send her an email if you have any questions pertaining to longevity and health.
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Fast Food is dangerous for health
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