How to Never Get Sick
That's a tall claim, but you know, good health is self-reinforcing. If you are in good health, then it's much easier to stay that way. Good health certainly increases longevity and the quality of that extended lifespan – 'longevity health' we call it.

We could have called this piece: "How to Cure every Disease", "How to Live Healthy and Disease Free Forever", "How to be Young Forever", or "How to Have Dynamic, Vibrant Health". The name is unimportant, but we think the one we've chosen gets the message across. Basically, we'll give you the information to eliminate potentially any illness or disease you may currently have, and prevent any illness and disease in the future. This information will also allow you potentially to slow down and even reverse the aging process. But before you make any changes in your life based on what you read here, you should consult your physician and check our Disclaimer Page. We are not doctors, and we do not know about your health. What we present here is information given in good faith to increase your life expectancy and longevity health. You may currently be suffering from some known illness or disease such as cancer, diabetes and so on, or you believe yourself to be "healthy." If you claim to be healthy, you may still experience the 'everyday' aches and pains and 'minor' illnesses. So-called 'healthy' individuals believe that these occasional interruptions to full health are "normal." A doctor might say that they are statistically 'normal' as most people experience them. That does not make them normal in the sense of what a healthy human body should (not) experience.

A truly healthy person has little, if any, body odor, no halitosis (bad breath), and so on - we will not work our way around all the body smells! They sleep soundly and do not suffer depression or stress and they rarely if ever get colds, flu, heartburn and so on. They have no skin rashes or dandruff, few aches and pains that are not explained by a twisted ankle or bump against a door. These people are energetic and full of vitality, and never have recourse to drugs – they have no symptoms to treat.

Does that describe you? No? That's hardly surprising – most people live unhealthy lives. 'Normal' lives, as the statistics would say.

The human body, like all mammals, should live to be well over 100 years old. When we compare the life spans of virtually all mammals, they live well in excess of what would be the equivalent of 100 human years. The bottom line is that the average Western adult is either: a) very sick; b) somewhat sick; or c) about to get sick. No 100 years for them. Forget longevity – it's not 'normal' to live 100 years. Very few people make that number.

Truly healthy individuals are hard to find in Western countries. The typical Western adult is carrying a load of toxins and is deficient in essential nutrients. The body's energy flow is well below par, many of his organs and systems are not working at optimal levels, and there is almost always one symptom or another of a problem evident, that she classifies as 'normal'. What can we do to get rid of the symptoms and prevent any illness or disease from starting?

First off, consider seeking health care from a professional healthcare provider who does not use drugs or surgery. It is wise to get several opinions from several people. How can you find a good alternative, all-natural healthcare provider?

It's easy. Go down to your local health food store and ask who they recommend. Generally speaking, healthcare providers who practice homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic medicine, herbal remedies and nutritional therapy are all good places to start.

Speak to several, if you can, they will differ in their approaches and specialties. Ask for references – they will probably cite patient confidentiality, but may have one or two patients who have given them testimonials. Not only do they differ, but the one treatment which is effective on one patient, may not work on another with a similar condition. For example, acupuncture has been used by the Chinese for thousands of years and is now a generally accepted technique, but it doesn't work for everyone.

That's the first part to improving your longevity by clearing up existing symptoms, the most natural way. The second step is to follow our guidance on nutrition and life style, on this site, so that you reduce the chances of getting sick by eliminating toxins from your body, improving the efficiency of your organs and enhancing your immune system:

» Arm yourself with the information and understand what's good and bad for the body.
» Start eating wholesome natural foods without additives.
» Prepare your foods the healthy way.
» Cut out fast-food and processed food.
» Start an exercise program to improve your cardiovascular system (please check with your physician first).
» Avoid drugs of any kind.
» Drink in moderation.
» Avoid smokers.

You can start today. Give yourself the extra years you deserve – why shouldn't you expect longevity of 100 years?   
Kasia Wojsiat is a respected chiropractor in nearby Los Gatos. She embraces using preventative medicine and natural products in her practice. Please send her an email if you have any questions pertaining to longevity and health.
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