Questions about Healthy Foods, Diet and Cleanses
We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions regarding longevity health eating, organic foods, dieting and cleansing, and provide our answers below. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our very best to give you an answer to your question.
» Can I ever eat a cheeseburger again or go to a fast-food restaurant?
» How come you don't talk about calories, fats, protein, or carbohydrates?
» You mention lots of products that I should get, such as colon cleansers, water filters, shower filters, electromagnetic chaos eliminators, air cleaners, etc. How do I know which products are good and bad?
» You mentioned that microwave ovens are bad. What about convection ovens?
» Why is a liver cleanse so important?
» Is fast food really that bad?
» Are we really full of toxins, and will doing the cleanses really prevent and cure diseases as serious as cancer, diabetes, or heart disease?
» Is all brand-name popular food sold by publicly traded corporations bad?
Q. Can I ever eat a cheeseburger again or go to a fast-food restaurant?
A. We recommend organic produce, prepared at home - that's the gold standard. So, yes, you can eat cheeseburgers, french fries, ice cream, cookies, cakes, fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy - virtually everything, as long as you make it at home and all the ingredients are 100-percent organic. You should avoid fast-food restaurants - their produce is not organic, their cooking processes are not the best, and they use all sorts of heavy-duty cleaning chemicals in the cooking environment. Fast-food restaurants use chemical ingredients in the growing, processing, and manufacture of their "food."

If want to live as long as possible, then eat organic produce whenever you can.
Q. How come you don't talk about calories, fats, protein, or carbohydrates?
A. Everyone talks about calories, fats, protein, carbohydrates, sodium, and things of this nature. The fact of the matter is they are essential to health in balanced and not excessive quantities. Also important tough are the chemical fertilizers used in the food, hormones injected during cattle growth, pesticides sprayed over the food, the fact that the food is picked early and then gassed, the fact that the food is genetically modified and manufactured in an unnatural way. Economic processing methods reduce the quality of the food: irradiation, chemicals additives that are put in processed food to make it taste, smell and sell better, to preserve it, or (some would say) specifically designed to get you chemically and physically addicted to the food, increase your appetite and make you fat. This is what is more important than the amount of calories, or the amount of fat, or the amount of carbohydrates. That's what everyone is missing. But, it's important to note that whatever you do eat should be nutritionally balanced and eaten in moderate quantities.

Again, for maximum longevity, then eat organic produce whenever you can.
Q. You mention lots of products that I should get, such as colon cleansers, water filters, shower filters, electromagnetic chaos eliminators, air cleaners, etc. How do I know which products are good and bad?
A. We are committed to giving you consumer information regarding what I believe to be the best products, and which products you should stay away from. In the future, I will be publishing various buying guides similar to Consumer Reports, but specifically for the health-care area. Many of these devices can improve your body's health and add a few years on your longevity calculator.

We intend to put together hundreds of product evaluators and reviewers who will be reviewing products and the companies that manufacture them and telling you which products and companies are good, and which products and companies you should stay away from because manufacturers' claims made are unproven or unsubstantiated.

These buyer's guides will be the most objective buyers' guides in the world because they are the only buyers' guides where there are no conflicts of interests and no financial incentives to recommend or not recommend certain products or companies.
Q. You mentioned that microwave ovens are bad. What about convection ovens?
A. Microwave ovens should never be used. In my opinion, eating food that comes out of a microwave is one of the causes of disease and can reduce lifespan. Many microwaves leak radiation through poor seals and screening, impacting the body directly and damaging cells. That's certainly no good for your lifespan. Convection ovens are standard ovens where the heat is simply moved with a fan. These are fine.

Infrared ovens are also okay.
Q. Why is a liver cleanse so important?
A . Doing a colon cleanse and a liver/gallbladder cleanse are two very important things if you want to maximise your longevity. The liver is the major fat burning organ in the body and is the only organ that can eliminate (i.e. process) fat from of the body. If your liver is sluggish you cannot burn fat properly, you cannot get fat out of the body properly and your body mass index goes up. Therefore, if your liver function is not 100% you are almost certainly guaranteeing health problems as a result.

A liver becomes sluggish because of chemicals and toxins in poor quality food we eat, and all the non-prescription and prescription drugs we take. Most notably, if you are on cholesterol-reducing drugs, you absolutely have a sluggish liver. If you have ever taken an antibiotic in your life, the antibiotic has probably killed the friendly flora in your intestine and reduced liver function. Following a liver cleanse, almost everyone feels so much better they can't believe the difference.
Q. Is fast food really that bad?
A . Fast food categorically, 100 percent, causes illness and disease, including cancer, diabetes, and a host of other major health problems. Fast food categorically makes you fat. Fast food is produced with chemical additives that increase your appetite, get you physically and chemically addicted to the food, and make you fat. The fast-food industry is in effect causing illness and disease, and knowingly doing so.

Read the book Fast Food Nation so you can see just how bad fast food really is, not only for your health, but for society in general. Think about this: The average American child sees 10,000 food advertisements per year on TV alone. Ninety-five percent of those are for sugared cereals, soft drinks, fast food, and candy. It's not a fair fight.

Longevity health depends on 'slow food' – organic produce carefully prepared.
Q. Are we really full of toxins, and will cleanses really prevent and cure diseases as serious as cancer, diabetes, or heart disease?
A . Absolutely yes. Every single person has toxins in their body, potentially causing illness and disease. With a colon cleanse, a liver/gallbladder cleanse, a kidney/ bladder cleanse, a heavy metal cleanse, a parasite cleanse, a Candida cleanse, and a full-body fat cleanse you can absolutely avoid many illnesses. Yes, simply doing cleanses is one of the "natural cures" that they don't want you to know about. Check the questionnaire so you can see just how toxic you are. Answer each question yes or no. If you answer yes to over twenty questions, you are highly toxic.

1. I have taken antibiotics in my life.
2. I have gotten vaccines.
3. I have taken in my life aspirin, or Tylenol, or ibuprofen, or other over-the-counter pain medication.
4. I shower and/or bathe in regular tap water.
5. I drink water out of the tap.
6. I have been in a swimming pool where chlorine was used.
7. I use a cellular telephone without any electromagnetic chaos protection.
8. I use a laptop computer with a wireless device
9. I watch TV.
10. I own and watch a high-definition television.
11. I use a wireless telephone in my house.
12. I use a remote control for my television or other electronic appliances.
13. I have a satellite television.
14. I drive in a car every day.
15. I drive in heavy traffic.
16. I use hair dyes.
17. I use fingernail polish.
18. I use makeup and cosmetics.
19. I use moisturizers, body lotions, and sunscreens on my skin.
20. I use air fresheners in my house.
21. I use bug spray in my house.
22. I use standard cleaning products in my house.
23. I use standard soap and detergent for my skin and my clothes.
24. I use toothpaste with fluoride.
25. I eat in fast-food restaurants at least once a month.
26. I eat in restaurants at least once a month.
27. I eat products produced by large publicly traded corporations.
28. I buy brand-name food products that are heavily advertised on TV.
29. I eat food that is not certified 100-percent organic.
30. I eat beef, lamb, poultry, eggs, and dairy products that are not certified 100-percent organic.
31. I eat pork and shellfish.
32. I use artificial sweeteners such as NutraSweet or Splenda.
33. I drink sodas at least several times a week.
34. I drink diet sodas at least several times a week.
35. I have less than two large bowel movements everyday.
36. I have taken over-the-counter non-prescription drugs that I purchased at a drug store in my life.
37. I have taken prescription drugs in the last five years.
38. I use non-stick pans to cook with.
39. I use deodorant and antiperspirant.
40. I do not drink eight glasses of purified water every day.
41. I have never had a colonic irrigation or enema.
42. I live near high tension power lines.
43. I live within a few miles of a manufacturing plant of some kind.
44. I live within 100 miles of an agricultural area where produce is grown.
45. I live within 100 miles of ranches where livestock, cattle, chickens, or other animals are raised.

This is just a quick list to hopefully open up your eyes to the fact that living a "normal life" absolutely results in toxins entering your body. Keep in mind this is a relatively new phenomena to the human species. One hundred years ago people were not exposed to all these toxins in our environment. Every single year the amount of toxins we put in our body increases, so we have to be vigilant if we want to increase our longevity. The amount of toxins in the air, in the water supply, and the food supply continually goes up. The amount of toxins surrounding our environment and our living spaces goes up. The amount of electromagnetic chaos goes up. The amount of non-prescription and prescription drugs goes up. The amount of chemicals used in the producing of our food goes up. The amount of toxins being force-fed to use by the large publicly traded corporations all in the name of profit continues to rise. So yes, you are absolutely toxic, and yes, by cleaning the toxins you give yourself a great chance of increased lifespan.
Q. Is all brand-name popular food sold by publicly traded corporations bad?
A . Yes. Remember, natural food, organic food, is fine. It is when the profit motive becomes the main objective those foods stop being natural and is in effect manufactured. This is when it causes obesity and causes disease. When making a profit is involved above everything else, you can be assured that the food being produced is not the best for us.

Think about the average farmer. He wants to produce some vegetables and make a profit. Then, chemical companies bombard him with sales pitches telling "Farmer Joe" how he can increase his yield and increase his profits by using their fantastic chemicals. So Farmer Joe first buys hybrid, genetically modified seed that he is told will produce more crops faster and be germ resistant. The problem, of course, is this is an unnatural food that when consumed by a human being actually causes disease, and cuts longevity, drastically.

Farmer Joe then has to use chemical fertilizers to make the vegetables grow at an unnaturally, unhealthy fast rate. He then sprays incredibly poisonous and deadly bug killers, pesticides, and herbicides on his vegetables. These are all absorbed into the vegetables and cannot be washed off. In order to make the vegetables look beautiful and last longer, they are picked before they are ripe and put into a gas chamber and sprayed with more chemicals.

They are then shipped to the grocery store where they can last for days or weeks without spoiling or going bad. You then eat them. The problem is the whole process guarantees that the product is genetically modified, full of toxins and chemicals, reduced in nutrient content and, because of the irradiation, energetically changed, which may cause the food to be toxic to the body.

So, this food may shorten your lifespan in two ways: Firstly because the food is of poor nutritional quality, and secondly because it introduces toxins and chemicals into your body.
Kasia Wojsiat is a respected chiropractor in nearby Los Gatos. She embraces using preventative medicine and natural products in her practice. Please send her an email if you have any questions pertaining to longevity and health.
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