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Longevity Health Secrets is all about those things you can do to improve your chances of living longer.

Nutrition, exercise, positive attitudes, mental health and a balanced lifestyle taken together, give us the best possible chance of increasing our chances of living a long life (to the extent that our genes allow). And let's not forget quality of life – that is important too, whatever the longevity. Not only do we want to live longer, we want to be able to enjoy that extended lifespan to its full extent.

Nutrition-wise, there's not a lot we can do about inherited disease and the genes we carry (though research into gene therapy is making progress), but there is a lot we can do about lifestyle-diseases.

First, let's take food. If we look more closely at research in the field, it is clear that increased obesity rates lower life expectancy.

How you can wean yourself off addictive foods, and gradually reduce your calorie intake without 'cold turkey'? Check our FAQ page for some really eye-opening (and weight-gaining) facts about fast-food. You'll be glad to know that there are ways of dealing with such food addiction.

Now, let's get down to bare bones. Just take our skeletons. Aging is hard on our bones. After about 30, bones begin to lose minerals and become less dense. Longevity has its drawbacks, even starting at 30! But the alternative is much less attractive. Downhill all the way: it can be a steep hill, or just a gradual incline. Which would you prefer?

As we age, our digestive and alimental systems become weaker since they are unable to perform their function to the full. This causes an overall weakening of the body, an effect which has been known about for centuries.

What are the stats (they're called mortality rates)? Well, there is an 8 percent chance that a 65-year-old person dies prior to age 70. There is the same 8 percent chance that person will reach the age of 95. Longevity risk is a fascinating, sometimes scary, topic.

Women tend to live longer than men – at least a few years, on average, and people who have a history of longevity in their families tend to live longer than those who don't, but our longevity opportunity, like our gender, is something we don't get to choose.

In fact, aging is a self-fulfilling prophecy: if you say you're going to be dead when you're 90, then you'll be dead. It's all in your attitude. If you're really interested in longevity then you need to have a positive attitude to it.

So, the mind is important too, besides food and exercise. Taoist breathing exercises, practically unknown in the West, can help you relax and may relieve stress, pain, and anxiety. Longevity breathing improves the functioning of your body as well as centering the mind and balancing the emotions.

We all know that the average food intake in the US is unhealthy, leading to high rates of preventable disease, infirmity and premature death. It also has a flip side – we end up paying higher health insurance premiums (if we pay any at all) to cover increased disease rates and infirmity. Without an adequate living income in retirement, we may experience excessive stress which will ultimately shorten our life span and reduce our longevity health.

So, we're here at Longevity Health Secrets to help you with those things you can control, the quantity and quality of the food you eat, your lifestyle, attitude and a whole host of other things, giving you longevity plus. It will have a direct impact on your health, mental well-being, and longevity.

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Kasia Wojsiat is a respected chiropractor in nearby Los Gatos. She embraces using preventative medicine and natural products in her practice. Please send her an email if you have any questions pertaining to longevity and health.
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